Top 10 Where to Buy Caviar

Top 10 Where to Buy Caviar

There are dozens of shops out there selling caviar. The high price of caviar makes it a very lucrative business for retailers. However, many sellers don’t have the experience for properly handling caviar or for guaranteeing their products are genuine and abide to new international laws protecting endangered sturgeon.

Here is a list of shops that have consistently provided quality products and good service.

1.  Browne Trading Company

The Browne Trading Company, located in Portland, Maine, has been around for generations. Run by the Browne family, their high quality caviar is a favorite of chefs around the country. One of the biggest names in the culinary world, Chef Daniel Boulud, makes available his own line of private stock caviars.

2.  Russ & Daughters

In business since 1914, this New York establishment has a wide selection of excellent caviars both imported and domestic, wild and farmed.

3.  Caviar Russe

This caviar purveyor makes its home on Madison Avenue in mid-town Mahattan and supplies many of the country’s top chefs and luxury cruise lines. They carry a wide selection of very fine caviars including some salmon and paddlefish roe. Caviar Russe also has a wonderful selection of caviar related gifts.

4.  Petrossian

In business since 1920, this New York company has been bringing the finest Russian caviar to America. They also have a nice selection of foie gras, smoked fish, and other delicacies.

5.  Tsar Nicoulai

Although this California company carries a variety of caviars, they specialize in farm-raised varieties. They are also producers of California Estate Osetra, known to be the best farm-raised caviar in the world. Recommended by chefs Charlie Trotter and Thomas Keller.

6.  Seattle Caviar Company

The Seattle Caviar Company has been in business since 1990 and is the Pacific Northwest’s only caviar house, supplying many of the finest restaurants and hotels in the region. They carry Iranian caviars, as well as domestic varieties.

7.  Collins Caviar Company

Collins has a very nice selection of fine American caviars along with a wide assortment of flavored and smoked caviars.

8.  Marky’s

Marky’s is a 20-year-old specialty food company based in Miami. They DNA test their caviar to ensure the species and origin. Marky’s carries a variety of different caviars including Iranian, Russian, American sturgeon and farm-raised.

9.  Zabar’s

This New York institution, in business for 75 years, sells fine quality caviar from Italy, Germany, the Caspian Sea, and America. Good prices.

10.  Sterling Caviar

Web shop for Stolt Sea Farm California, in business for over 15 years. Farm raised white sturgeon. Three grades available: Sterling Classic (similar to Osetra), Sterling Royal, and Sterling Imperial. Very high praise for Sterling Imperial.

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