Where to Buy Fresh Oysters

Where to Buy Fresh Oysters

Do you love the almost magical flavor of fresh oysters?  That amazing mineral-tinged and salty flavor of the ocean?  Looking for the best fresh live oysters you can have delivered?  Here is a handful of great reliable companies I recommend for getting your oysters shipped directly to your home.  

1.  All Fresh Seafood

Beautiful Long Island Blue Point Oysters are medium to large in size. The Long Island Blue Point oyster is mild flavored with a medium to light salt content. Some say there is a hint of celery in the finish. A highly sought after oyster by top chefs. $18.99/dozen

In business since 1998, this seafood purveyor supplies over 400 of the top restaurants in New York and New Jersey. Great selection of whole fish, fillets, shellfish, smoked fish, and caviars. Allfreshseafood.com also has a great selection of prepared foods including appetizers, entrees, sauces, and crust mixes.

2.  Catalina Offshore Products

Pacific “Luna” oysters are sustainably grown and locally farmed in Southern California by Carlsbad Aquafarm. At 2-3” in size and nestled in a deep-cupped shell full of flavorful Pacific liquor, the Luna oyster is most similar to a Kumamoto. These petite beauties boast a refreshing brininess with a touch of melon and cucumber and subtle metallic finish. $19.99/dozen

Catalina is a San Diego wholesale seafood company that is now selling directly to the public. Great prices. Huge selection. Sushi grade fish, shellfish, and roe. Fresh sea urchin! Live California lobster, live abalone, stone crab, scallops, shrimp. Large selection of fish. Subscribe to their newsletter for 5% off and monthly specials.

3.  Taylor Shellfish Farms

 Kumamoto oysters are prized by half-shell connoisseurs for their smooth texture and sweet fruity flavor. Kumos have deeply cupped and highly sculptured, fluted shells which make them ideal for serving on the half-shell.  $17.99/dozen

Olympia oysters were popular during the Califronia Gold Rush. Only as big as a fifty cent piece. Sweet, coppery flavor and a coppery finish. $11.99/dozen

The Taylor family has now been growing shellfish for over 100 years. The company is now the largest Manila clam producer in the United States, and also cultivates a greater variety of shellfish than any other shellfish grower including the rare, world-renowned Olympia oyster.

4.  Rappahannock Oyster Co.

 Rappahannock River Oysters are deep cupped and mineral rich, with an understated saltiness that lets the oyster’s natural flavor come though. Rappahannocks offer up a sweet, buttery, full-bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish. This company has grown them since 1899. $25/25 oysters

Stingray Oysters are drawn from Chesapeake Bay’s median salt range, Stingrays are the quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster: sweet and mildly briny with a clean, crisp finish. Named after the Bay oyster’s chief predator, the Stingray.  $25/25 oysters

Olde Salt Oysters have the truest taste of the ocean, The Olde Salt oyster brings together a bold sea-side brininess with a smooth, clean follow-through. Grown off the coast of Chincoteague (think Misty). $25/25 oysters

In business since 1899, this Virginia company is bringing back Chesapeake Bay oysters.  Owned and operated by cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton, recipients of the 2005  Food & Wine magazine “Tastemaker’s Award,” given each year to top young talents who’ve changed the world of food and wine by age 35.

5.  Island Creek Oysters

Island Creek Oysters, a farm founded in 1992 in nearby Duxbury, Mass. grow wonderfully delicious oysters in a saltwater river.  Moon Shoal oysters are clean and oceany with a sweet melon finish. Wellfleet Oysters, while still salty, are a bit more mild than some of other oysters. They have both strong umami and vegetal qualities with a well-defined adductor muscle and a nice texture.

6.  The Crab Place

Oysters in the shell $19.99/dozen

This Maryland company has been providing fresh seafood to its mail-order customers since 1997. Greg and Matt Cain sell fresh Maryland seafood caught daily by local watermen. Their unique packing and delivery process keeps their crabs fresh, and their customers satisfied. In season, you can find a fantastic assortment of live Maryland crab (hard or soft). In the off-season, order them steamed or frozen. Other treats include Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, Louisiana crawfish, oysters and an assortment of prepared foods like crab cakes, breaded shrimp and clams, calamari, soups and sauces.

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